Woman exposes her associate’s infidelity in a metropolis newspaper and goes viral

A story of infidelity has garnered attention on social media after a victim of the deception decided to expose her partner in the city’s newspaper. and your ad has changed viral,

The above incident happened a few days ago in the town of Mackay in Queensland, Australia. When a woman named Jenny decides to expose her partner Steve’s infidelity.

So, without further details of personality or what happened in his heartbreaking story, Jenny has rented an advertising space on page 4 of the magazine To McKay and WhatsApp Life for leaving a message to her now ex-partner.

The announcement was published in the city newspaper. Photo: Pexels

exposed to infidelity

,Dear Steve, I hope you are happy with this. Now the whole town will know you’re a filthy liar. Postscript, I purchased this ad with your credit card‘ was the message Jenny sent her ex-boyfriend through the pages of the diary.

He also stated that anyway He paid for the newspaper ad with his credit card who was treacherous. However, we repeat that there were no details about what happened next in this regard.

And you’re not the only reader who has wondered about the details of the circumstances that led to Jenny showing her distress. Since then, the same local newspaper reported on the social network that it had received several requests more of the story,

Woman exposes her partner's infidelity in a city newspaper and goes viralWoman exposes her partner's infidelity in a city newspaper and goes viral

He showed that he was a liar and a traitor. Photo: Special / Pexels

To those who have refused to release any further information about Steve or Jenny. Although he said he wasn’t charging anything for the space he was asking for cheated young,

Jenny’s subtle and direct message to her former partner has been viral On social networks and, as he himself predicted, the whole city saw it published and spread on social platforms.


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