WSJ: WWE’s Vince McMahon Paid Women Over $12M to Cover Up Alleged Wrongdoing and Infidelity | News, Results, Highlights, Stats and Rumours

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After a recent report that WWE executive Vince McMahon allegedly paid a woman $3 million to keep a sexual relationship between them confidential, a new report claims McMahon did the same to three other women.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s Joe Palazzolo, Ted Mann and Joe Flint, McMahon paid four different women a total of more than $12 million over the past 16 years in exchange for their silence about alleged infidelity and sexual misconduct.

The three most recent allegations include one from a former WWE wrestler who said McMahon forced her to give him oral sex, downgraded her and then refused to renew her contract in 2005 when she refused to commit to further sexual encounters to let in

The woman and her attorney reportedly negotiated a $7.5 million settlement with McMahon in 2018.

In 2008, a WWE contractor reportedly provided the company with nude photos McMahon had sent her and said he had sexually harassed her at work, leading to a non-disclosure agreement and a $1 million payout.

The earliest payout reportedly came in 2006, when a former WWE exec was paid $1 million to keep quiet about an alleged sexual relationship with McMahon.

The allegation that sparked the WWE Board of Directors’ investigation into McMahon emerged a few weeks ago, when the board received an anonymous email alleging McMahon was having an affair with a WWE employee hired in 2019 before he left in January 2022.

McMahon reportedly hired the woman, whose resume indicated she attended law school, after meeting her at his Stamford, Connecticut, home.

McMahon, 76, who has been married to Linda McMahon since 1966, allegedly had an affair with the woman and later paid her $3 million in exchange for confidentiality.

The anonymous email said McMahon passed her “like a toy” to WWE’s head of talent relations, John Laurinaitis, who is also under investigation by the board.

McMahon reportedly transferred the woman from WWE’s Legal Department to Talent Relations under Laurinaitis in 2021.

It has also been alleged that McMahon once suggested increasing the woman’s salary from $100,000 to $300,000 before the company agreed to increase her salary to $200,000.

Amidst the investigation, McMahon temporarily stepped down as WWE’s chairman and CEO in mid-June, temporarily handing over the duties to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

McMahon has retained his role as WWE Creative Director, even making a few appearances on Raw and SmackDown since stepping down as Chairman and CEO.

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