Xzibit’s estranged spouse says he is hiding $20 million and desires alimony

West Coast Legend Xzibits Brother revealed he’s hiding millions in cash and lying to divorce court to avoid paying his ex, his estranged wife claims.

The Pimp My Ride star’s earnings are under scrutiny during his divorce after the rapper claimed he was too broke to pay child support to estranged wife Krista Joiner, according to TMZ.

Brother hid weed money in safes, says wife

Joiner alleges in court documents that 47-year-old Xzibit lied about being penniless when he made big money from his marijuana business. The outlet reports that Joiner says Xzibit’s brother has admitted that Xzibit earns over $1 million a month from Brass Knuckles, a cannabis company he runs with Dr. Dre shares, takes it home, and hides the money in bank-sized safes scattered in multiple locations.

The troubled mother of Xzibit’s children said his brother admitted to storing $20 million in multiple vaults for Xzibit. He reportedly got Xzibit cash whenever he needed it. She wants him to pay monthly child support, which he is fighting against.

Xzibit says he’s struggling while his wife lives in a $3 million house with a new boyfriend

Previously, Xzibit claimed in court that he doesn’t make much money from his marijuana ventures. He also told the court he hasn’t received a paycheck since 2019, when Covid prevented him from selling concert tickets.

The rapper also said Joiner secretly bought a Bentley and lives in the family home with her new boyfriend and is refusing to sell it.

Joiner paints a very different picture, claiming he lied about buying a Bentley and living with a boyfriend. She says she lost her job and had no income to support herself or her son. She added that X ignored her requests for money for gas, food or even her son’s inhaler.

Joiner first filed for divorce from Xzibit in February. Around the same time she filed the file, he gave a Valentine’s Day greeting to a woman named Valoree.

The couple reportedly started dating in 2001 and have had two children together. Tragically, their son Xavier was born prematurely in May 2008 and died 11 days later. She and Xzibit have been married for about six and a half years.

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