Yo Yo Honey Singh reacts to allegations of infidelity by Ms. Shalini Talwar

Yo Yo Honey Singh broke his silence on the domestic violence and infidelity allegations made against him by his wife Shalini Talwar. In a statement he shared on social media late Friday, the Punjabi rapper mentioned that he is now responding to the allegations because his family – his parents and sister – have also been targeted. On Instagram, the singer-rapper wrote in the statement: “I am deeply saddened and saddened by the false and malicious allegations that my 20-year-old companion / wife, Ms. Shalini Talwar, made against me and my family. The allegations are utterly horrific. “” I have never made a public statement or press release in the past, despite the fact that I have come under heavy criticism for my writing, speculation about my health, and generally negative media coverage. However, I see no merit in maintaining a studied silence this time because some of the allegations were directed against my family – my elderly parents and younger sister – who have stood by me through some very difficult and difficult times and who make up my world . The allegations are cynical and defamatory, “he said.

Singh said in the statement that he has been associated with the industry for over 15 years, working with artists and musicians across the country. “Everyone knows my relationship with my wife, who has been an integral part of my crew for more than a decade and who always accompanies me to my shootings, events and meetings,” he said. “I firmly reject all allegations, but I will not comment on them as the matter comes before the court. I have full confidence in the judicial system in this country and I am confident that the truth will soon emerge.” “Wrote the popular recording artist. He went on to say, “The allegations must be proven and the Hon’ble Court has given me an opportunity to respond to such allegations. In the meantime, I humbly ask my fans and the public not to draw any conclusions, myself and my family, until the Hon’ble Court delivers a verdict after hearing both sides. I am confident that justice will be done and honesty will win. “” As always, I am grateful for all the love and support from my fans and well-wishers who inspire me to work hard and make good music. Thank you! Yo Yo Honey Singh “, said the singer.

For the inexperienced, Yo Yo Honey Singh made headlines when his wife Shalini Talwar filed a domestic violence against the musician and made several serious allegations against him. Shalini has alleged that she has been subjected to numerous incidents of physical, verbal and psychological abuse from her husband. In her 120-page application, Shalini revealed details about Honey Singh’s abusive behavior during her Mauritius honeymoon. Having stated that his attitude towards her changed after Honey Singh’s fan base increased and that he went viral “rude, cheeky, aggressive, scornful and disrespectful”, Honey Singh panicked, then hit her mercilessly and blamed her for having published their wedding pictures because he wanted to keep his marital status a secret so that it would not hinder his fame. Talwar has reportedly stated that her husband would have physical relationships with several women. And then she even found out about his affair with a Punjabi actress. Shalini said Honey Singh then promised to end his relationship with the actress and remain loyal to her.

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