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The 12 noon beats are moderated and presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann. But we must not forget that Zette plays an equally important role on the plateau. In fact, it is the voice-over, without which the candidates, but also the host, would be sorely lacking in the details. Sometimes Zette also allows himself to joke, so as not to limit himself to the role of the voice that knows everything. And fans of 12 o’clock recordings can only tell for years that Jean-Luc Reichmann and Zette like to joke together. LDPeople tells you all about it in the rest of this article.

The 12 noon bars make the show on TF1 for Christmas Eve

The 12 noon beats brought the small dishes for the festivities at the end of the year into the big ones. It doesn’t matter if 2020 wasn’t a great year because of the pandemic and the tightness, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Zette are determined to make their audience dream. To do this, the moderator just has to stay himself and add a small dose of magic. And for Zette, it’s an opportunity to treat yourself to a few valves from time to time. Especially since the landlord is enjoying his friend’s jokes from 12 midday shots. The one she did on December 24th made her smile in particular. Zette surprised everyone by mentioning one of her exes.

The candidates for 12 midday shots had to answer more difficult questions than the next. Then a question arises about Chinese astrology. Camille had another insane chance to stay in the game. Whenever the public thinks it is being ousted, it miraculously manages to remain the mistress of noon. Some of the public, as LDPeople regularly reports to you, believe that Jean-Luc Reichmann could cheat to help her stay a champion. Or that the production has its very specific plan to appeal to the audience by playing on the tension and thus on the audience’s nerves. In short, always rumors that are unfounded and annoy the host and the production of 12 recordings at noon.

Zette and Jean-Luc Reichmann accomplices, they amuse the audience

However, the question asked about Chinese astrology brought the tension back to its peak. A tension that Zette was able to relieve by posting a joke that revealed a bit of her personal life. In fact, the question was, “Which Chinese zodiac sign is the most unfaithful according to an extramarital dating site? The monkey or the other? ”. The answer was the monkey, but Zette couldn’t get the audience to get a 12 o’clock shot with no details. She then begins to count the years of birth which are marked with the monkey. But in the middle of her list she adds “an ex of mine”. Enough to make Jean-Luc Reichmann laugh, the candidates and the public to scream. The voice of 12 noon recordings is surprising.

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