Zimbabwe: Man recordsdata pressing movement after failing to gather US $ 25,000 upkeep charge

Maxson Matare, a truck driver who is employed by Helmond Logistics, tries to save himself from imminent imprisonment because he does not pay the maintenance for his child with a Susan Makumbe.

Matare rushed to the High Court, where he is seeking the suspension of a judge’s judgment asking him to pay $ 25,000 per month for the minor child aged 20 months.

He said he had no way of raising the required money and that could only mean going to jail.

The truck driver also said he was waiting for DNA tests because he believed the child might not be his.

According to court records, on July 21, Matare was sentenced to pay $ 25,000 in child support for the couple’s minor child, who is 20 months old.

It did so despite allegations that Makumbe was claiming alimony for the same child from another man, the case being brought to Beitbridge County Court under Case M32 / 20.

Matare says he was unable to raise the money his baby mom wanted and instead offered to pay $ 3,000 or R500.

Reads his motion in court: “The defendant told the court that I make $ 70,000. The court believed her with no evidence. “

He added, “Very few people in Zimbabwe make more than that … it is unreasonable to expect me to spend $ 25,000 a month on a 20-month-old child.”

He said the government has made it clear that all children under the age of five are treated for free, so there is no justification for high medication alimony.

Matare said he was married with two other minor children who were dependent on him.

He said he was currently living in a rented house.

He also told the court that Makumbe’s child should live within their means as $ 25,000 is just an extravagant amount.

“The respondent just needs to relax, sleep, and enjoy while I struggle, knowing very well that they are guaranteed a high income.

He said he was just a mere driver.

In her lawsuit, Makumbe said Matare abandoned her after she announced she had given birth to a crippled baby.

According to court records, the child has a heart problem and needs an operation.

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In response, Matare said he is a contractor buying diapers and milk for the baby.

He said he learned that Makumbe was receiving support for the same child in Beitbridge when he went to the Beitbridge Police Station.

“I broke down and we went to Beit-Bridge Police Station and was told there was another man who was paying child support in Beitbridge Court for the same child where he was sued. I was shocked when she saw one sued another man for alimony and I was busy with work … “he said.

According to court records viewed by NewSimbabwe, the magistrate ruled that Matare should pay $ 25,000 because he had no conclusive evidence that another man was maintaining the child.

Before his final fate, he was given three months to have DNA tests done.

The matter is still to be heard.

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