Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa’s relative wins mom custody battle “so determined that she might promote child for medicine”

Kudakwashe David Mnangagwa, believed to be a close relative of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has won a custody battle after the Supreme Court ruled that his baby mom, Al-Marie Iris Hall, was toxic to the 2019 born minor was.

The judges of the Supreme Court, Judges Ephraim Tagu and Emilia Muchawa, ruled that the fathers of illegitimate children should also have equal access to their children and should not just play a role in maintenance as traditionally in the past.

The verdict follows an appeal by Hall who challenged the decision of a judge granting Mnangagwa guardianship.

“The court has also considered judicial authorities that emphasize that the best interests of the child are the number one priority, even with a child born out of wedlock.” The Sadiqi (Frank Buyanga) v. Chantelle Muteswa HH249 / 20 sets out the legal position with regard to custody of illegitimate children Minors on whom the court relied a quo, “said the appellate judges.

“In addition, the court relied a quo on the provisions of the Law on Guardianship of Minors and the Universal Declaration on the Rights of the Child. This cannot be termed irrelevant considerations. The best interests of the child in casu could best be served by placing them in the care of a stable and responsible person named Mnangagwa. As a result, the appeal is dismissed for a fee, “ruled the judges.

The court confirmed that Mnangagwa was always a good father to the child, while the mother was a violent person and a drug addict who stayed in a rehabilitation home for three weeks once.

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Hall’s babysitter, Ndoro, also said she would stay with the baby while the mother was always out.

The magistrate had confirmed this through conversations between Hill’s mother and Ndoro.

At some point, Hall’s mother pointed out that her daughter was so desperate that she could sell her baby for drugs.

The court heard that Mnangagwa visited his child all the time and sometimes took the baby to Hall when he was in rehab.

A neighbor also confirmed that Hall was a violent person and suicidal.

The court heard that she once took pills out of her mouth after threatening to kill herself.

The neighbor also said Hall had a habit of smashing bottles to attack Mnangagwa, which was also supported by the babysitter.

Mnangagwa also said through his lawyer Tinomudaishe Chinyoka that his baby mom would threaten to kill herself every time he tried to move out of her home.

Hall has not denied this in any of her affidavits, the court said.

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