Zimbabwe: Policewoman scolds Pastor Hubby with scorching water about infidelity

Chivi – A 29-year-old police officer showed up this week after cursing her husband, a pastor with hot water, after an infidelity argument skyrocketed.

Yvonne Kufakunesu, a policewoman stationed at the central police station in Masvingo, appeared before a judge in Chivi charged with domestic violence.

Kufakunesu is married to Tachiwei Mutero, 29, a pastor of Faith Ministries Church, and the couple lives in their home in Mashava.

Caroline Tafira, who appeared for the state, told the court that Mutero suspected last December that his wife was having an extramarital affair with an unknown man.

At around 9 p.m. on December 30, when the couple were at home, Kufakunesu received a call from an unknown caller who her husband suspected to be a lover.

After questioning his wife, the court was informed that a heated argument between the two was certain.

Two days later, when the couple appeared to have settled their dispute, on January 1 of that year, the court heard that Mutero was attending to a community that had attended the couple’s home when Kufakunesu left the house with a bucket full of cooking raced water and poured it on her husband in full view of the church member.

As a result, Mutero suffered burns all over his body and was taken to Masvingo Provincial Hospital for medical treatment. A medical report was drawn up in court as evidence.

Judge Kudzai Dhemba released Kufakunesu from prison until February 12 to continue the trial.

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